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Local SEO marketing is helping businesses around the world stay visible in their local markets. Local searches are on the rise, and small and large companies alike are taking advantage of this major growth opportunity. The last estimates are over 40% of all searched are local in nature, and with the yellow pages just about dead almost everyone turns to Google, Yahoo or Bing to find what they are after. You’ll really get a chance to shine when your website ends up on Google page one in your industry for local search results.

Local SEO Marketing for Online Shopping

Although online shopping is popular, most people still want to buy products and services locally. These same consumers also conduct online searches for information on local companies. If you’re not taking advantage of local SEO marketing, you may be missing out on a major chunk of your potential business revenue. We consider the vast real estate of search engines so important. Each and every business person must make some type of stake to their position on the web.

What do we use?

Local SEO marketing uses a wide variety of methods including search engine submission, Meta tags, keywords and phrases targeted to local searches in your geographic area. The result is an increase in phone calls, foot traffic, and e-mails from prospective customers. Proper Search Engine Optimization takes time, a great deal of effort and a certain know-how of how to get your business out in front. The problem is everyone has become some type of Internet guru. The promises I hear in the market are beyond unbelievable.

What is Local SEO Marketing?

I tell people to think of it this way, would you place an ad in the newspaper or the old yellow pages for under a hundred dollars a month and expect to get many calls.  For that matter, there really is no form of advertising that one could do to promote your business for under a hundred dollars a month and truly believe that it will set you free. We live in a highly competitive environment with many businesses going after the same prospective clients. It’s the smart business people that understand that internet marketing must be part of your overall advertising budget.

Which Company is best for Local SEO?

The problem is who to believe, they all sound so good over the phone. I recommend you check out each and every one of these so called SEO Companies and make sure you’re not just throwing you money away. What blows my mind is how the average business person understands. They need to do something as it concerns the level of Internet marketing they current endeavor, and seem to be satisfied to throw away $100 bucks a month to satisfy the urge. As I always say the proof is in the pudding. You must see what they wish to contractually obligate you to, what does the contract say? As always Talk Is Cheap!

Contact Soft Splines today for a no-nonsense consultation and learn how we guarantee all of our services. Unlike the others, we fully guarantee our services for Local and National page one campaigns.