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Many peoples are finding best SEO Companies but there are many SEO companies in Pakistan. It is difficult to find best one so we are sharing here top 8 Mistakes to Avoid While Choosing SEO Company in all over the world.

8 Mistakes to Avoid While Choosing SEO Company

  1. Hiring a company that “guarantees” results

NO ONE can give you guarantee ranking results because of no SEO expert, no matter how good they are, has any control over Google. Yes, rankings are achieved based on data and understanding Google. But the only way to guarantee results is if you worked at Google.

8 Mistakes to Avoid While Choosing SEO Company

A good SEO company will give you an educated guess on how long it will take your site to rank well in Google based on the competition. The current state of your site, the size of your budget, and past experience. They will, however, NEVER make any ranking guarantees because they do not control Google’s algorithm nor its policies.

  1. Hiring a company that doesn’t require contracts

As an intelligent business owner, you know that contracts protect both parties. If you sign-up with an SEO company that doesn’t require a contract you’re basically giving them free reign to take your money, destroy your website, and then disappears off the map.

Don’t fall into this trap. A professional SEO company will conduct itself like a real business, not a fly-by-night operation.

  1. Hiring just because they rank first in your geographic area

If you search “Lahore SEO Company”, Soft Splines is at the top. Does this mean you should hire us based on this fact alone? Definitely not!

A business owner with little SEO knowledge will often say something like: “This guy must be good if he’s ranking this high!”.

But since you’re not the average business owner and you’re educated on SEO after reading this guide, you will now know that just because someone can rank for an SEO keyword doesn’t mean they can rank in your particular industry. Every single industry is different.

And one very important thing you need to watch out for is the fly-by-night SEO Company.

Unfortunately, Google isn’t perfect and spammers know exactly how to exploit it.

So, what some spammy SEO companies will do, is spam a website, get it ranking high for something like “best SEO Company”, and get as many leads as possible until Google eventually penalizes their website. They will then repeat the same process over and over. This method is called “Church and Burn”.

So, if you hire solely based on which company is ranking highest in your geographic location. You increase your chances of hiring a company that can only produce short-term and highly volatile results.

Please do your due diligence and don’t be fooled by this trick.

  1. Hiring a company that only talks about rankings

Yes, ranking well for your keywords is exactly what an SEO is supposed to do. However, if they aren’t talking about things like return on investment (ROI), conversion rate optimization, copywriting, or sales funnels, then they don’t see what the ultimate goal of SEO is.

The ranking is really cool, but if the traffic isn’t converting into new leads or sales for your business, then those rankings are worth NOTHING.

  1. Hiring a company you found through paid advertising

How can you trust a company to get your business new leads and customers through SEO if they can’t even do it themselves?

You’ve heard this many times, but “the proof is in the pudding”.

  1. Hiring a company that doesn’t have referrals

A good SEO company should have no problem providing you with referrals from current and past clients if they produce quality results. If the company doesn’t have referrals, then it should definitely throw up a red a flag.

Certain questions like “does this person have any experience?”, or “does this person have a bad reputation for not getting results?” should come to mind.

  1. Hiring a “guru”

PLEASE be careful of this one. There are many so-called SEO “gurus” out there. They will try to sell you snake oil and offer all kinds of crazy guarantees that in retrospect make no sense.

Don’t hire someone based on how smart they sound or by the technical jargon they throw in your face. This is all a front to not only confuse you because they think you don’t understand the complexities of SEO but to disguise the fact that they have no clue how to actually rank a website or help your business get a real ROI.

If they try to say: “I’m a top ranked SEO.” – Then you should run for the hills.

Hire based on REAL results, not useless theory, jargon, or convoluted technical talk.

  1. Hiring based on price alone

As an intelligent business owner, you know that going with the cheaper option will often cost your business more money down the line. NEVER hire an SEO company based on price for the simple reason that someone who is actually good at SEO will not be the cheapest guy on the block.

If you read carefully these 8 Mistakes to Avoid While Choosing SEO Company then you will be able to find best company for your business.